Project Description

LoiLoi 2017.   Glassfiber, cardboard, plaster and iron. 12 pieces with a height of 2,5 to 3,5 m.
Dedicated to my brother Jean-Pol

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The intervention LoiLoi is conceived as a ludic and reflective work.

A group of 12 species of spiders about 3.5 m. of height, wave up and down, forward and backward.

The Opiliones ( Daddy Longlegs ) are a type of spider with very long legs.
In some places they are called dancing spiders because of their defensive habit of making their body vibrate to throw off their attackers,
They also call them harvesters, because they appear, sometimes gathered in large numbers, during the autumn, the harvest season

The work, which represents these small beings as giants,
invites visitors to stop, to lie down and contemplate those hypnotic movements that leave the mind blank and without any notion of time.

Slow-art, to slow down and reach deepening and contemplation.
As an experience it is something very important, taking into account our accelerated society, ‘tweeting’ and with a very short attention span.

Once we have slowed down, we come to appreciate what seems insignificant Reverence the Opilione means understanding the difference between superiority and respect.

The wind is the one that plays and gives life to the work, generating some unpredictable movements.

The intervention is part of the nature that surrounds it as being its natural habitat, where the environment and the work merge and reinforce each other.