Project Description


Y ellos entendieron  2011. With music of Leopoldo Amigo.  Glassfiber, nylon and cloth. 60 pieces of about 1,8 m. long. Variable total measures.


Quilts. Music for Monique Bastiaans
A last shelter for the soul in a materialistic world.
We are currently living in a society where the Arts -in all its manifestations are pestered, harassed and by a culture of fast food, music, art, films, etc., of fast consumption, with neither effort nor participation, without having to think (oh thinking, what a painful practice) everything so easy that there is no need for us to contribute and everything flows through us leaving no trace or impression and we become simple spectators of both life and experiences. They don´t want us to fly or think, we should only consume and produce, and we vote for them at any given time.
Quilts and the Monique Bastiaans installation suggest quite the opposite: to fly, to think, to reason, to spur on our minds, in short to dream and grow up internally in order to achieve a higher spiritual conscience (not a religious one, of course) away from the daily sordidness our present world inflicts on us.
The opportunity I was given to compose a musical piece to be exhibited at the Museo Vostell Malpartida was a challenge for me, since Wolf Vostell was one of the contemporary art pioneers and he also fathered Happening and the Fluxus movement. Above all, for his thoughts in the sonic field regarding the interrelation of different sound sources that generate rhythms and create a poetical sound and a space for reflexion on the acoustic perception. And thus, a concept in itself of the musical experience.
With this approach in mind and taking as a starting point the interrelation of sound materials, starting from their timbral-tonal proximity, I started to work taking into consideration the most important factor: the creative thoughts and the plastic, 3 D solutions Monique had created for the same idea.

With this approach I worked different materials that I later processed with different systems of proliferation, dynamic manipulation, of pitch and sound, and in the end facing the mix of all the materials and their place in time and space.

The piece is a kind of reflection on the wide and severe space coming from within, from its own conception, from different interrelations generated by the confrontation and interaction with different materials located in the physical space and also in the timbral space produced by the elements. Everything is obvious, at the same time subtle, demanding a conscientious, patient, calm listening, at the same time repeated in order to grasp and enjoy the shades of meaning created by the different interrelations. Taking also into account the physical space and the splendid work by Monique, these interrelations produce a wide range of levels of perception and create a perfect combination of plastic, sound and material items. The final result is a rite of passage to a dream world which is more exciting and generous than the coarse world where both capitalism and consumerism has imprisoned us.
According to Friedrich Nietzsche, freedom can only be found through the Arts.
Leopoldo Amigo