Project Description


Mediodía se celebra en el interior 2001. Nylon net. 5,6 x 4 x 4 m.

Mediodia se celebra en el interior
(Midday is celebrated in the inside)

What is true and what is false ?

Intervention in the interior of a pine tree wood : integrated in his environment, a sculpture in form of a spindle, consisting of four tubes of transparant nets with small network, appears as a phenomeneon of nature. It defines itself as much in its external form, transparent and ethereal, as by its interior strength, creating a vertical energy channel.
A channel that unites heaven and earth, unites and abraces all possible worlds, the terrenal ones and the transcendental ones, the world of reality and the world of the ideas.
In a play with the light and the darkness by its transparancy and its ability to be visible or not, it generates the effect of a fantasy or an apparition that moves between dream and reality.
This work full of nuances and subtletys creates a communication space with the universe and with our inside.

Orlando Britto