Project Description

Agarre del Sur   2019.   Public action / ritual of union. Together with Linda Verkaaik. Place: Convent Carmen, Valencia ( Spain ).

SOUTH GRIP  ( South Grip )

“In the modern world we have developed many systems to communicate, but there is less and less physical interaction.”

The project consists of a ritual of union, a physical action.
The participants hold hands and liquid plaster prepared with water from the Valencia sea is poured into their hands.
Rituals involving salt are common in many cultures, among others to seal alliances. In addition, the salt gives an additional boost to the setting of the plaster and increases its heat.
Hands interlaced with acquaintances and strangers who remain motionless for 15 minutes feeling the heat, also generate additional impulses:
increases sensory awareness, concentration, communication, laughter, etc …

At the end of the ritual, the invisible union between people has been transformed into solid matter. Countless footprints remain, like fossils.
They are a tangible and lasting symbol of human action in situ.